AERI 2012


AERI 2012 was hosted at the University of California, Los Angeles from July 9th-13th. The Institute brought together incoming and continuing doctoral students, faculty, and professionals from across the United States and worldwide. There was a Digital Curation pre-conference led by University of North Carolina Chapel Hill researchers on July 8th. Then, from July 9 to 13, plenaries generated discussion on Grand Challenges in the Archival Field, Technology and Archives, AERI Doctoral Fellows research agendas, Archival Literature Analysis, and lastly, a reflection on AERI’s past accomplishments and how to move our community into the future. The Institute also featured workshops, paper, and poster presentations by U.S. and international archival scholars.

Conference schedule
Participant biographies
Select photos from AERI 2012, courtesy of Johanne Mihelcic